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X-Ray Baggage Inspection System

The need for security increases every day in the world and in our country.

We are at a time when people think of the safety of their belongings that have material value as well as their safety.

Terrorism and violence and attacks that have been frequently experienced in recent years in our country and all over the world are the main reasons behind all these.
For this reason, the security sector and new generation safety equipment are among the rising trends of the last period.

Pedestrian and vehicle access control systems, personnel time attendance devices, metal detectors, x-ray baggage scanner have become the frequently used systems today.

Access control systems; It is now used in almost all small and large business centers, public spaces, entertainment venues, risky areas such as airports, train stations and bus terminals.
In all these places, there was a need to limit the entrance and exit.

However, devices and systems that have features that can control the passes such as blocking the entries of unwanted people, restricting the entries of unauthorized persons, are in demand.

With the development of technology and diversification of demands, the features of the devices are improving day by day.

In all these risk areas, security control is carried out in detail, starting from vehicle entry to the entrance and exit control of people.

These checks are carried out with x-ray baggage scanner and walk through metal detectors.

The x-ray devices and metal detectors used today are state-of-the-art products; It provides high level of security with its features such as detection sensitivity, high resolution image quality, organic inorganic separation.

Polimek Elektronik offers these products under the brand name ‘Smartguard’.

X-ray luggage scanner are generally used with walk through metal detectors.

Walk through metal detectors are available in different models starting from 6 zones up to 45 zones.

In addition, mobile products of these products are disassembled, concert organizations, etc. Conditions such as are frequently used.
Personnel attendance control systems are another system used in access control.
Today, although it is used to control the working hours of the employees, their usage areas are expanding now; It has also been used in schools, universities, libraries, gyms, in areas such as member and visitor tracking, and student probe.
Fingerprint and face recognition devices are the most demanded products in personnel time attendance systems.
Due to reasons such as printing cards, losing cards, card costs instead of someone else, the use of card systems in the workplaces has decreased considerably.
New biometric products are coming to the market day by day. (Voice recognition, vessel recognition, etc.) But still the most common and problem-free system is face recognition systems.
In our country, many official institutions, especially the Turkish Grand National Assembly, provide their security with face recognition system.
As Polimek Elektronik, we provide services in many biometric product ranges, primarily as face recognition systems.
We also support these products with our professional staff and access control applications.
The important thing is that the software runs smoothly according to your demands and after sales support.
As Polimek Elektronik, we have managed to overturn 25 years in the sector by standing behind all the products we have sold since 1995.
Advanced smart systems, diversified security tools and their use become obligatory in many places, and the people using these products also require certain equipment and knowledge.
As a company that produces hardware and software, we are able to produce easier solutions to developing technology and changing customer demands.

We evaluate the suggestions and demands of our customers within the scope of an R&D process and present them as new products.

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