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X-Ray Scanner and Metal Detectors in the Pandemic

With the increasing security gap in recent years, the use of x-ray bags and luggage scanner devices, and walk through metal detector  and hand held scanner has become quite common.

With X-rays, the contents of bags, boxes, packages, suitcases, and luggage can be viewed, and whether there is any cutting, explosive or risky material can be detected very easily.

The use of x-ray scanner is very common, especially in places where there is high human circulation and security is required, such as airports, subway and train stations, shopping centers.

While people pass to walk through metal detectors, their belongings pass through x-ray devices.

To minimize contact with the pandemic, the use of both x-ray scanner and walk through metal detectors has been stopped for a while in shopping malls and continued in areas where there may be major security gaps such as airports and train stations.

With the “Normalization” process that came into effect on June 1, the use of x-ray luggage scanner and walk through metal detectors in shopping malls was also put into effect.

Shopping Mall, plaza, etc. Bag control has started again with the application of fever measurement and healthy code control at the entrances.

Our Smartguard branded x-ray bag and luggage scanner are available in many different tunnel sizes.

According to the place to be used, attention should be paid to both the tunnel dimensions and the size of the generator.

The image quality and organic-inorganic separation of devices with 140 Kv or even optional 160 Kv generator power is one click ahead of the others, and the costs increase accordingly.

The important thing here is to choose the right device for the right place.

Our Smartguard branded x-ray scanner and walk-through metal detectors work in many public institutions and organizations and have all quality certificates.

In addition, our successful export team exports these products to many countries such as Iraq, Qatar, Tunisia, Sudan, Kuwait, India, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Egypt, Mauritania, and provides installation and after-sales support with a remote desktop connection.

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