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X-ray Scanner Suitable for All Luggage Sizes is 6550

One of the most confusing issues in X-ray scanner choice is the dimensions of x-ray devices.
While the smallest size x-ray devices such as 5030 are preferred in places where only small handbags are checked, such as shopping malls, post offices, municipalities; Large models such as 8065 and 100100 are preferred in places where large size suitcases and bags will be checked, such as airports and hotels.
The 6550 is a full-size x-ray device, and it can be preferred in many locations such as banks, shopping centers, factories.
Our SG 6550 X-ray device has a double lead curtain preventing x-ray leakage and remote access support.
It is equipped with a 140 Kv generator for X-ray imaging, if you wish, the generator power can be increased according to demand.
You can display 4 colors with 140 Kv generator power.
With the X-ray device imaging system software, dense metals, ie dangerous substances such as knives, guns, are circled on the monitor, thus preventing anything from escaping the operator’s eyes.
In Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center, one of the most important locations of ?zmir, 6550 C x-ray devices are used together with 18 zone walk through metal detectors.
If you can’t decide which x-ray scannet to use, our collegues are just a phone call away to help you.

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