Setting Daily / Monthly Working Hours:

The ability to set working hours, even if your daily working time is different from 7:30 hours, there will be no confusion in your monthly total working hours calculation with this feature.

Time Attendance Software Excel Lists:

You can get all reports in excel format with time attandance excel lists; We can prepare your own report with the desired field selections.

Work Plan and Approval System:

You can follow the shifts of your employees by passing them through the approval mechanism, you can enter the reasons for overtime. You can print out the monthly and annual reasons for overtime report. (Optional)

Request/Approval Mechanism:

With the user hierarchy system, you can request shifts and submit your request to your manager’s control and approval. (Optional)

Working Hour Limit Reports:

Those who exceed the weekly and annual legal working hours can be easily tracked. In addition, report tracking of rest periods between two shifts can also be made.

Planned / Actual Work:

You can plan overtime in advance, view and report overtimes that are expected to occur and those that occur outside the planned. (Optional)

Department Based Working Hours List:

Total normal working and overtime hours are listed in the company based on the department.

Data Flow with Integration::

Easy integration with other databases and software and special developments for company demands. (Optional)

Netsis, Mikro, Eta etc. Personnel Record:

Transfer of your personnel information created by time attandance software to payroll applications. (Optional)

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