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Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS)

Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS)

In the realm of modern security solutions, Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS) play a pivotal role, in ensuring comprehensive safety and control. When seamlessly integrated with Automatic License Plate Recognition Cameras (ALPR), UVSS technology takes security to new heights, addressing a myriad of challenges across various sectors. Discover how Polimek Electronics’ PL-UVIS222 Under Vehicle Inspection System, armed with its advanced features, offers an unparalleled solution to five crucial security dilemmas.


Understanding UVSS

An Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) is a cutting-edge technology that employs high-resolution imaging to inspect the undercarriage of vehicles as they pass over a scanning platform. UVSS scans the entire length of the vehicle’s underside, capturing critical details in real time.

Integrating UVSS with ALPR enhances security by automating vehicle identification and cross-referencing data. This collaboration offers seamless surveillance and comprehensive monitoring.


Key Security Challenges Addressed by Polimek


  • Unauthorized Vehicle Access

Under Vehicle Scanning Systems and ALPR integration at facility entrances effectively identifies unauthorized vehicles, enhancing access control. Polimek’s PL-UVIS222 easily links with other security systems, including ALPR, for comprehensive access control and quick identification of unauthorized vehicles. Its multi-entrance management model ensures that all vehicles entering and exiting a facility are monitored, preventing unauthorized access.


  • Contraband Smuggling

Under Vehicle Scanning Systems detects hidden compartments or items attached to the undercarriage. Paired with ALPR, it identifies suspicious vehicles at border checkpoints, thwarting smuggling attempts. PL-UVIS222 employs high-resolution imaging technology, ensuring that hidden compartments and contraband are vividly detected. Its undercarriage image storage and retrieval capabilities allow security personnel to review and compare images, aiding in the detection of smuggling attempts.



  • Parking Lot Vigilance

Under Vehicle Scanning Systems and ALPR streamline surveillance in parking lots, aiding law enforcement. Shopping malls can instantly identify vehicles involved in criminal activities, ensuring public safety. With a swift decision response time and extensive image storage capacity, PL-UVIS222 allows continuous monitoring of vehicles in parking lots. This ensures quick identification of vehicles involved in criminal activities, enhancing public safety in areas like shopping malls and parking facilities.


  • Eliminating Waiting Times and Queue Buildup

Under Vehicle Scanning Systems ensures that security checkpoints can process vehicles swiftly while preventing the buildup of queues. Polimek’s PL-UVIS222 boasts a swift decision response time of 2-3 seconds, making it suitable for vehicles moving at speeds below 30km/h. This facilitates quick scans without requiring vehicles to stop, eliminating waiting times.


  • Versatile and Resilient

Under Vehicle Scanning Systems must be able to function in diverse climate conditions and cater to various security needs, to ensure a reliable solution for any environment. The IP68 protection ensures that PL-UVIS222 is resilient in harsh environmental conditions. Its adaptability to different climate environments, multi-language interface, and flexible detection process make it a versatile solution for a wide range of security needs, providing reliable operation in various settings.



In conclusion, Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS) have emerged as an indispensable element in modern security infrastructure. Their integration with Automatic License Plate Recognition Cameras (ALPR) elevates security measures to a new level, effectively addressing a spectrum of security challenges. UVSS, exemplified by Polimek’s PL-UVIS222, offers high-resolution undercarriage imaging, rapid decision response, and adaptability to varying vehicle speeds, all while maintaining resilience in diverse environmental conditions.


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