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What are the Advantages of the Guard Tour Control System?


The guard tour control system is the system used to control whether the people responsible for security are performing their patrol duties.

Nowadays; Security control is carried out with a patrol tour system in factories, warehouses, shopping malls, schools and campuses, prisons, multiple housing estates, military institutions, production facilities, large-scale companies, large and small-scale companies.

The guard tour control system is actually a mobile data collector. For this reason, it can be used easily in all locations where control is desired.


What Are the Advantages of Guard Tour Control System?

-Guard control systems are simple to use and install, and can be easily used by anyone.

-Increases the quality of service by closely following the guards on whether they fulfill their duties.

– It enables the distinction between working and non-working personnel 

– It enables certain routes to be visited at certain intervals, and allows immediate intervention in the face of an unexpected situation or event.


What Does the Guard Tour Control System Includes?

The patrol tour system is sold as a package. In the guard tour control system set; There are guard tour pen and cover, security points mounted on the points desired to be controlled, key chains used by guards, guard control software, installation apparatus, USB and transfer cable. Package contents can be updated as needed. Depending on the need and demand, parts can be supplied separately.


How Does the Patrol Tour Control System Work?

A key chain is given to all the guards who will go on the tour. The guard starts the patrol by having the identified key ring read by the guard tour pen.

The Tom pen is read to the security points established at the predetermined control points, during this reading the pen receives data with a light, sound or vibration warning.

These data collected on the guard pen are transferred to the guard tour control software installed on the computer via USB cable.

The transferred data can be reported daily, weekly or monthly.

Some of the reports that can be received in the guard tour control system;

  • Security guard report
  • Security point report
  • Security guard tour report
  • Unchecked point report


Polimek Electronic Guard Tour Smart Pen

Polimek, Turkey’s first guard tour system manufacturer, was awarded the TESID (Turkish Electronics Industrialists Association) Creativity Award in Electronics in 1995 with its Smart Pen Guard Tour Control System with the slogan “You sleep comfortably, not your guard”. Smart Pen Guard Tour Control System has been exported to the whole world since 1995.

Among the countries where the Smart Pen guard tour control system is used, there are countries from many parts of the world such as Egypt, Dubai, Ireland, Singapore, Somalia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Albania.

The technology used in guard tour control systems has changed and updated considerably in the process. In guard tour systems that used only Touch-memory feature in the past; Now proximity technology is also used. 

In addition, with the QR code reading feature, instant tracking of the guard can be made with mobile phones. In the QR patrol tour system, tours of the guard can be planned and tours can be assigned to field personnel.

There are 3 versions of the patrol tour control systems that we have produced as Polimek.

  • Touch-memory: Data transfer actualize by touching the guard pen to the security points.
  • Proximity: Data exchange takes place by reading the patrol tour control pen to the proximity security points from 3-5 cm.
  • Proximity and Flashlight feature: The guard tour control system using Proximity technology also has a flashlight feature on the back, so guards do not have to carry both guard tour control system and flashlight.

Price-performance balance and quality documents of the product are very important when buying a guard tour control system.

If you want to get more detailed information about patrol tour control systems prices and features, please contact us.

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