Advantages of Using Access Control Door Lock


No more worrying about finding keys in the bag, with the introduction of RFID devices into our lives. Door lock systems with card can be adapted to any type of door. Depending on the type of doors, electromechanical or electromagnetic locks can be used. You can calculate and limit how long your staff stays in […]

What Are The Solutions Provided by X-Ray Inspection Devices?

What Is X-Ray Inspection System? X-Ray inspection scanners are useful for security personnel to carry out detailed internal scans of bags, etc., and to detect dangerous items. Thanks to X-Ray luggage scanners, security personnel perform accurate and fast security scanning and increase their productivity. It helps to distinguish objects that can escape from the human […]

Where is Card Access System Software Used?

The card access control system is one of the most common systems used in places where entry-exit control and inspection is carried out. Authorized persons, who have been previously introduced to the access control software and given certain permissions, pass by scanning their Proximity or Mifare cards according to the system used in the entrances […]

What are the Advantages of the Guard Tour Control System?


The guard tour control system is the system used to control whether the people responsible for security are performing their patrol duties. Nowadays; Security control is carried out with a patrol tour system in factories, warehouses, shopping malls, schools and campuses, prisons, multiple housing estates, military institutions, production facilities, large-scale companies, large and small-scale companies. […]