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What Are The Solutions Provided by X-Ray Inspection Devices?

What Is X-Ray Inspection System?

X-Ray inspection scanners are useful for security personnel to carry out detailed
internal scans of bags, etc., and to detect dangerous items. Thanks to X-Ray luggage
scanners, security personnel perform accurate and fast security scanning and increase their productivity. It helps to distinguish objects that can escape from the human eye and to take a great precaution against possible dangers.

What Can X-Ray Baggage Scanners Detect?

X-Ray inspection devices has many different modes and advanced settings. It can
detect organic and inorganic substances, distinguishes weapons, explosives, narcotic
substances, and prevents possible attacks. Polimek brand Smart Guard X-Ray baggage
scanners work together with the latest technology software and offer high resolution
and 7 different color images.

What Are The Advantages of X-Ray Luggage Scanners?

As the human population in our world has increased, unfortunately, crime rates have
also increased considerably. Drug trafficking and terrorist attacks have been a part of
the world agenda in recent years. With the emergence of X-Ray baggage scanners,
the advantages of today’s technology began to be used in the detection of illegal and
dangerous goods. The fact that the officers could detect prohibited substances more
easily and quickly created the opportunity for security personnel to intervene faster.
The items that smugglers used to skillfully hide and pass through the security zones
are now reflected on the high-resolution screens of X-Ray inspection devices. For this
reason, smuggling rates have decreased considerably thanks to X-Ray baggage

scanners. Operators can quickly and thoroughly scan everything from the smallest
briefcase, backpack to the largest suitcase. While X-Ray inspection devices create
such wonders, contrary to popular belief, they are designed not to harm the human
body. X-Ray luggage scanners, which have passed hundreds of tests, do not harm
pregnant women, people with pacemakers, children, etc., but also create a safe
environment for them.

Usage Areas of X-Ray Inspection Systems

X-Ray baggage scanner systems are used in security check points and places that
requires security measures. We can give as an examle; airports, police stations,
military bases, courthouses, stadiums, shopping malls, border gates, educational
institutions, metro stations, etc.
X-Ray security scanning devices do not only make people's lives easier at security
points. They also serve in industrial areas in terms of increasing human health and
quality of life. It is also used in industrial areas and factories. X-Ray inspection
scanners are relied upon to detect whether there is any foreign extraneous in the
products on the production line.

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