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Where is Card Access System Software Used?

The card access control system is one of the most common systems used in places where entry-exit control and inspection is carried out.

Authorized persons, who have been previously introduced to the access control software and given certain permissions, pass by scanning their Proximity or Mifare cards according to the system used in the entrances and exits.

RFID readers, access control panels and access control software are used together in access control systems.

With the access control software, the data such as at what time people were, where they are and how many minutes they stay are recorded.

Entries and exits can be easily limited by defining authorizations for individuals if desired.

When the card is scanned, the data received from the terminal is transferred to the access control software via the control panel and access control reader and displayed as a report by the authorized persons.

Card access system software or personnel attendance control system eliminates the workload of HR employees to follow up on tally.

Polimek software “POLIKOD” software team within Polimek Electronic provides a unique service to different demands with its own software.

If we look at where the card access system software is used;

• Tracking employees and visitors in public institutions and organizations,

• At the entrance and exit of the hotel rooms,

• Member tracking in gyms,

• Student and instructor entry and exit tracking in school, campus and dormitory buildings,

• At the entrance and exit of the registered vehicles in the parking lots and their time period,

• Follow-up of visitors and personnel in companies,

• Calculation of times spent in the cafeterias,

• In plazas and multiple housing estates,

• In the follow-up of personnel working in hospitals,

• Warehouse entrances and exits.

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