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What is TAS – Time Attendance Control System? How Does the Time Attendnce System Work?

TAS is the abbreviation of ” Time attendance control system”.

Time Attendance Control System; it is the control of the entry-exit hours of the employees and the use of these recorded data to increase the productivity of the company employees.

Entry, exit and permission information recorded with time management devices are transferred to time management  software.

These records transferred to the TAS software can be transferred to the payroll system that you have used, and can be used in salary calculation if desired.

Company owners can track their hours with a card reader, fingerprint reader or face recognition readers.

With the time management software’s ability to set working hours, even if your daily working time is different from 7:30 hours, there will be no confusion in your monthly total working hours calculation thanks to this feature, you can follow the shifts of your employees by passing them through the approval mechanism; You can enter the reasons for overtime.

Time attendance software  has a desktop version as well as a web-based and mobile version.

With the web-based TAS software, you can track personnel from anywhere with an internet browser, without the need for a computer with the program installed.

Polimek Mobile TAS software is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems.

You can easily download the Polimek App to your mobile phone.

Integration of Time and Attendance Management Software with 3rd Party Software

If employers use more than one software related to the tracking and productivity of employees within the company; receiving all reports from different software creates unnecessary workload.

Employee attendance management software can work in harmony with many accounting programs such as Netsis and Logo and can exchange data.

From Polimek TAS software, we can transfer data to Sap, Canias etc.

We can be easily transferred your employee data to ERP software.

With the developing technology, we offer new versions of all our software to the market.

In addition to the desktop version of the time attendance control software; we have Mobile TAS application to keep track of the employee working in the field, and Web-based time attendance applications that do not require software installation, which you can easily access from anywhere with any internet browser.

You can download Polimek TAS  app to your phones using IOS and Android operating systems.

In addition, Polimek Time Management Systems offers Qr Coded pass using NFC technology.

Time Management Software Reports

With the time management software, you can have  the monthly and annual reasons for overtime.

You can get all reports in excel format with TAS excel lists; With the desired field selections, you can prepare a special TAS scoring report for your company.

With our professional time management software, we can also make custom report applications for your company.

Easy to use

You can use easily our time attendance terminal and our software is very friendly to use.

Easy Installation

Our time&attendance management products can easily installed by our expert team or yours.

Expert Support

For time&attachement software we have online or in place technical support options.

High Security

Your personnel data is safe with our encryption technologies.


You can choose systems integrators according to your need.Our time and managemet system can connect with HR or ERP Systems.

High Performance

Easy work schedule management. Flexible work management.

What is Time and Attendance Management System ?

A time and attendance management system is a software-based solution that helps businesses to manage their employees’ attendance and time-related data.

This system is designed to automate and simplify the process of tracking employee hours, calculating pay, and managing schedules.

With a time and attendance management system, employees can log their working hours using various methods such as biometric devices, swipe cards, or mobile apps.

The system then automatically calculates the hours worked, overtime, and other important data required for payroll processing.

The system also helps managers to monitor employee attendance and identify any patterns of absenteeism or tardiness.

This information can be used to identify areas where improvements can be made to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

Overall, a time and attendance management system is an important tool for businesses to manage their workforce effectively and efficiently.

As Polimek, we focus on your needs and the problems you want to be solved, and we offer you the most suitable time and attendance solution with the most suitable devices .

TAS software uses MS SQL database.

You can access all TAS software of Polimek  with using both IOS and Android operating systems, and you can download TAS App to your mobile phone.

Time Attendance Control System (TAS) Device

Personnel attendance control system (TAS) is determined according to the needs of each company.

As Polimek, we; We focus on your needs and the problems you want to be solved, and we offer you the most suitable solution with the most suitable equipment.

In the employee time management system, you first need a terminal to keep personnel entry-exit records.

This terminal can be card reader , fingerprint reader  or face recognition  according to your demand. 

Time management devices can also be used with turnstile access control systems.

Time attendance control software is the most important component of the TAS system.

According to the needs of your company, you can choose one of our professional TAS software, standard TAS software or basic TAS software.

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How the Time Attendance Control System Works?

A time attendance control system is a type of software or hardware that organizations use to track the attendance and work hours of their employees. Here is a general overview of how a time attendance control system works:

  1. Employee Check-In: When an employee arrives at work, they typically use a time clock, card reader, or biometric scanner to check-in to the system. The system records the date and time of the check-in, along with the employee’s identification information.

  2. Time Recording: The system then records the employee’s work hours, including any breaks or lunch periods. Depending on the system, this may be done automatically or through manual entry by the employee or their supervisor.

  3. Data Processing: The system processes the data collected from the employee check-in and time recording, calculating the total work hours, overtime, and any other relevant information.

  4. Reporting: Reports can be generated from the system to provide detailed information about employee attendance and work hours. These reports can be used by managers and HR departments to track productivity, monitor attendance, and manage payroll.

  5. Integration: Some time attendance control systems can integrate with other software, such as payroll or HR management systems, to streamline processes and reduce errors.

Overall, a time attendance control system helps organizations to accurately track employee attendance and work hours, reducing the risk of errors and providing useful data for management and HR departments.

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