Access Control Software

With the access control software, users can define time limits and access on the basis of doors, if
desired.The information collected on the terminals can be transferred to the computer online or offline

Canteen Management Software

The purpose of the cafeteria control software to determine the number of meals eaten by the staff; arranging meals.It is to regulate the entrance of the cafeteria according to the progress payment method and to reduce the waste.

GYM and GYM Member Management Software

With the Gym Member Tracking System, you can control the transition of your members to the gym; If desired, you can also follow up members by setting a time limit.

Professional Time and Attendance Software

With the professional time attendance software, you can define multiple compagnies and users, also you can aucomatically send e-mal or sms. Our software offers to work more than one person at the same time with unlimited user support.

School-Student Tracking System

The school-student tracking system allows you to easily track the entrance and exit of your students in schools and private teaching institutions.

R&D / Design Central Control System

R&D/Design Center are units organized as a separate unit within the organizational structure of the enterprise, carrying out research and development activities in the country, having sufficient R&D experience and capability, and located in the same building.

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